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Welcome to Our Company

Power Petroleum is in the business of creating value for our shareholders through the quality products and services we provide for our customers. We strongly believe how we conduct our business is just as integral to our bottom line. As a result, we strive to always act responsibly with those who work for us, with those business partners who work with us, and in every community where we operate.

About Us

Power Petroleum Inc. is a family owned Oil company since 1992. Engaged in both Gas Stations and Jobber business.

Our Services

As a petroleum Marketer, we know you have many options in how you choose to go to market. Today’s seismic changes in our economy and industry have made this decision more critical than ever, and the last thing you need to worry about is the reliability and responsiveness of your partner.

Our Products

We carry top industry fuels product ranging from different gasoline grades for everyday use to quality diesel fuel and motor distillate fuels such as jet fuel and kerosene

Branding Your Station

Branding your retail gas station can bring your business instant recognition and trust in the eyes of your potential customers. It also enables you to take advantage of nationwide marketing and advertising campaigns. Let us help you harness the power of established gas station brands.